EMT Initial Certification Program Costs and Fees

Student Costs and Fees

LifeStart Tuition, CourseFees, & Textbook (Total LifeStart Fees Including CPR Cert, Equipment and Textbook: $2,166.60*)

Tuition $1,700

Clinical Fees (Insurance/Badge/Clinical Site Fee) $91.75

Lab Supply Fee $25

CPR Certification (AHA BLS Provider) $70

Textbook $100

Textbook Tax $8.25

Medical Equipment Set $100

Credit Card Processing Fee $71.60  

*There is a $50 application fee to be paid at time of application submission. This fee will be credited towards the total tuition cost at time of tuition payment. If a student decides to drop enrollment prior to the start of class or if they choose to drop the course during the refund period, then this fee is non-refundable.  

A 3.5% credit card processing fee is applied to all credit card transactions.  

In addition to the course fees, there are associated cost and fees that students should be aware before start of class. These are standard costs/requirements that would be required of any EMT student in any course across the state. These costs are estimates only.

Required Application Process Fees (immunization fees not included since they vary from student to student) Criminal Background Check / 10 Panel Drug Screening $under 100  

Uniform Expenses Uniform expenses will vary per student. You will need to purchase these items on your own. These include white polo shirt, black or blue pants, black belt, and solid black boots or shoes. Many students already have clothing sufficient to meet the requirements. Others can easily acquire these from Walmart, Target, Old Navy, or Academy for well under $100. Do not purchase uniform items until after class starts. You will be provided with a timeline to purchase these, along with specific requirements. If you purchase these early, you may be asked to return them if they do not meet our requirements. Many students have no uniform expenses if they have the above required items in their wardrobe.    

FISDAP Clinical Calendar (paid to FISDAP® once class begins) $20  

Fees/Expenses required end of course (paid directly to specific agencies – prices subject to change by time of certification) National Registry Certification Application $under 100

DSHS State Certification Application $under 100

Background Fingerprints for State Certification $45  

NOTE: This company works closely with Longhorn EMS and other University of Texas student organizations. The course is taught by LifeStart Training & Consulting, LLC, a private school approved for EMT training and certification by the Texas Department of State Health Services. LifeStart is not affiliated with the University of Texas in any other capacity other than listed above. For this reason, your tuition and fees are not tied in with UT tuition, nor does this qualify for any student financial aid.

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