In-Class CPR

LifeStart offers American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) provider as well as other CPR classes. Select the appropriate class for the certification or training you require.

AHA has moved to an e-Card system.  All students will receive their e-Card usually within 2 business days of the course.  

BLS Provider

American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) provider classes are for EMTs, corporate first responders, medical emergency response teams (MERT), nurses, doctors, therapists, dentists, and other healthcare professions.


BLS Provider - If you need the whole course.

BLS Provider - Renewal - If you have a current certification card.

HeartCode® BLS - Skills Testing only - If you completed the HeartCode® BLS course online through AHA and just need the skills testing portion. Be sure to bring your course completion certificate.

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AHA HeartSaver® CPR with AED.

AHA HeartSaver® Adult and Pediatric CPR with AED (Infant is optional)

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AHA HeartSaver® CPR with AED classes are for those that are not healthcare providers, but need a CPR certification, including personal trainers, daycare workers, etc.


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Those who want the CPR knowledge; however, don’t need a completion card.

Family and Friends® CPR classes are for those that want to learn the basics of CPR as a life-saving skill. This class is especially good for parents groups, churches, neighborhoods, etc. It is appropriate for those 10 years old through adult. This is a group class that requires a group size of at least 10 people. The cost for this class is $25.00 per person and is taught onsite.

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